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AB051 movie

AB051 Latex sissy in chastity and fucked by Mistress


---Movie preview in the second picture---


If you want to be trained by Mistress Abby Kitty 
You must purchese this video

Big breast with black high fork swimsuit
Black muslin zentail almost makes me want to cum
Red corset is wonderful
With over-knee heels
I'm too sexual

Mistress Abby is really strict
Latex shemale slave locked in chastity
Constantly being teased
Mistress asked me to lick her knee boots
I make you envious
The whip slapped down
It makes me feel so painful and fainting, but I love it

Then Mistress wrote a lot of words on my body
I am a bitch
I am a tranny
I am a slave
Mistress takes out a dildo

AB051 movie

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  • System

    Time: 38:38

    Size :1.83GB

    MP4 :1920/1080

    ISO & Android. Use Google Cloud Drive.

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    You will get a zip file
    Unzip  please
    You will get a txt file  
    Open it get google cloud link
    You can download this video or watch it directly on the web

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    影片时间: 38:38


    类型:MP4 1920/1080




    ​支持 支付宝&花呗 付款

    ( 提供讯息: 编号AB**** + 騰訊QQ號)

    QQ:3084841323 或 1438093884

    WeChat: abbykitty06


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