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AB046 movie

AB046 Unboxing and trial ,using my new male masturbator machine until cum


---Movie preview in the second picture---


A sex Roy company sent me a male masturbator sample for me to try
I can't wait to use it after I get it
I dress my favorite secretary outfit
With stockings
Started stroking my sexy long legs and my crotch
Then put on the male masturbator
I imagine it is your mouth
Suck my girl dick
Finally put the male masturbator into the stockings
Wow wow~~~ i am cunshot without using my hands

AB046 movie

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$9.50Sale Price
  • System

    Time: 14:41

    Size :665MB

    MP4 :1920/1080

    ISO & Android. Use Google Cloud Drive.

  • Instructions

    Click button go to Abbykitty Studio got a purchase link

    After you bought this product
    You will get a zip file
    Unzip  please
    You will get a txt file  
    Open it get google cloud link
    You can download this video or watch it directly on the web

Go to manyvids  to purchase video temporary

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